Team Captain FAQ

Everything you need to know now that you're a team caption.  It's got all those things like when and where you pick up the balls, how to use the lights and how to report the results.

Playing at home basics

Getting balls and opening the clubhouse

Team captains are provided with enough balls for all home games at the start of the season and are responsible for distributing these to the team members as required.

In order to access the club house you'll need a club key to open the front gate.  From there you use the key safe by the club house door access the clubhouse key.

How do I operate the lights?

The light switches are located on the back wall just to the left of the mens toilets.  Just press the green and red buttons to turn them on and off.

Please note: Once off, lights must not be turned back on until they have been off for 15 minutes!

Show me a picture

Who plays on what courts?

The court assignment roster is located on the notice board to the left of the light switches.

Please note that occassionally when there are lots of teams playing at home one of the teams will be split between the front and back courts.

Who provides the supper?

The home team is responsible for providing supper as well as milk.  Tea and coffee is provided by the club.

How do I operate the Urn?

TODO: Is it worth putting a comment somewhere that the urn/hot water heater needs to be switched on at the beginning of the night?

Who cleans the club room?

The team rostered on the en tout cas courts is gets the clean up job (see the court rosters on notice board to the left of the light box.) Of course If only one team at home then they clean up!

What needs to be done:

  • clear away own team's supper dishes, wash up and put away
  • sweep kitchen floor
  • vacuum carpets
  • empty rubbish bins in kitchen and put into bins inside the gate
  • switch off urn/hot water heater in kitchen
  • switch off any other appliances that have been used eg heater/air conditioner/oven etc
  • check toilet areas are left clean and tidy

Who locks up?

The rostered captain is responsible for

  1. Turning off the court lights (this should be done as soon as all play has finished).
  2. Locking all the courts
  3. Locking the clubhouse door (please note others can still exit the club house when it's locked, you just can't get back in).  

The last person out of the club needs to turn of all the club house lights, close the club house and make sure the front gate is locked on exit.

Filling and submitting score cards

Where are the score cards located?

They're in the row of perspex holders on the right hand wall as you enter the kitchen.  There are different colored cards for each night and one for Juniors (is this true?)

How do I fill them in?

Fill in names of Home Team Ist Man (1M), 2nd Man (2M), 1st Lady (1L), 2nd Lady (2L) and remember to put Section at the top ie Miller Park 4(1) etc. Ask the visiting team to fill out same details for their team.  Scores are then noted on the right hand side in the order sets are normally played ie 1M, 2M; 1L, 2L; 1M,1L etc.

Games and sets are totalled.  Points are allocated 1 for each set won and 2 points for the winning team with the highest game score (and yes you can win more sets and still lose the night on games!) Both captains are to sign the card.

How do I submit them?

All scores must be submitted using the Mail Form on the KDNTA website.

There are separate forms for each night so you'll need to visit the appropriate page for you night and choose the appropriate "Mail Form" link, either "Match Result" or "Washout/Forfeit".

How long do I have?

You've got until 7.00pm the next day.

But why wait when you could forget and loose points and get a fine!!!  

For exact details see the KDNTA website and read the by-laws in your book.

What do I do with the paper copies?

According to the KDNTA rules scorecards are to be kept until end of season in case required.

Once you've submitted via MailForm you can place the cards in the box provided on the right hand wall of the kitchen.  The KDNTA night delegate will eventually collect them and hold onto them until the end of the season.

Where can I find out more information?

As always check out the KDNTA website or have a relaxed read of your fixtures booklet.

Finding and using fill-ins

How can I get a fill-in?

Contact the night coordinator/delegate.

What if we use a fill-in?

The first time you use a particular fill-in you need add the name of the player, the club, and details of last comp played eg Mon Sect 6, or Jnrs on the score card (and Mailform).

From then on you can just list them as you would a regular player.

Can we use Rafa, Novak or Roger as a fill-in?

Ahhh nope.  Your fill-in can't be stronger than the player they are replacing.

Can a fill-in play in a final?

Only if they're played with your team 3 times during the current season.

Rain and Forfeits

What if it's too wet to play?

If it is too wet to play at all the captain can call a washout any time after 6.30pm. They then need to advise opposition Captain (whose contact details are in fixture book) as soon as possible to save them a journey to Miller Park.  They also need to notify the rest of the home team.

The home team captain then needs to submit the result as a WASHOUT on MailForm on the KDNTA website.  See by-law 12.

What if rain stops play during the night?

In this case scores are still submitted.  For details of how to do it see by-law 13 on the KDNTA website.

What if there's a forfeit?

If you can't field a full team for a particular match you need to inform the captain of the opposing team  and the Association Record Secretary as early as possible before the start of play.

The captain of the team receiving the forfeit must submit a Forfeit Mailform including the section number, club names, Receives Forfeit/Gives Forfeit and date.

The team not forfeiting gets all the points, so it's well worth finding a fill-in if you can.  

Also please note that having forfeited you can't then change your mind without pain and suffering.  For more info please see by-law 11.

Starting a team

How do I start a team?

A large signup form will appear on window beside the door of the clubroom a month or so before the cut off date (see below).  Just add your team details to this list and you'll be included.

Otherwise if you're new to the club (or just thinking of joining) contact the night coordinator/delegate.

When do teams need to be submitted?

For season 1 (starting end of January) teams have to be submitted by the end of October the previous year. 

For season 2 (starting end of July) teams have to be submitted at a given date in May.?

How do I get those little fixture booklet thingies?

The night coordinator/delegate will contact you (the team captain) a few days before the season starts with the details of when and where to pick them up.  You will be given enough booklets for each member of you team which you then need to pass on.

Did we miss something?

Is there something we haven't covered?  Just get in touch and we'll make sure we answer it!