Squad Coaching

Squad coaching is for juniors who wish to advance to playing competition and will develop their skills an all aspects of the game.

Junior Development Squad

For those who wish to advance and begin competition tennis.  With a solid base built throughout the Hotshot phase.  Students will develop a tennis fitness base and develop stronger tactical awareness for match specific situations.  Regular balls are now used.  Open to all ages. 

Junior Squad

For those who choose to take their junior competition play to a higher level.  High intensity drills and match play scenarios are used to build even greater tactical awareness.  Whilst as the same time building a stronger tennis-specific fitness level.  Greater emphasis will be placed on improving stroke technique.  Open to all ages. 

Advanced Squad

For those who are totally committed to their tennis and wanting to improve in all aspects of competition. Taking the next step into tournament tennis.  Through high intensity sessions, more intense drills and match play the student develops a mental toughness and the ability to recognise and counteract variables as they arise during a match. Specific focus also takes place in reducing the gap between strengths and weaknesses.