Hot Shots

We run the hot shots program where the courts and equipment are smaller and the balls are modfied - reducing speed and bounce – perfect for kids who are just getting started. As the kids progress they move to larger rackets, faster balls and eventually a full size court.

Hot Shots Kinder Kids Blue Stage (3-5)

Courts and equipment are smaller, using mini nets, smaller racquets and low compression red balls that don’t move as fast and have less bounce – the focus is on both basic and perceptual motor skill development. Perfect for kids who are just getting started.  Overall the early stages of this program will also help develop agility, balance and co-ordination.

Hot Shots Red Stage (5-8)

This level progresses into both catching and throwing of the ball, assisting with spatial awareness and co-ordination.  And begins to focus on the basic tennis swing and the basics of forehand, backhand, volley and serve.  With a progression into rallies  on a smaller court, positioning and basic scoring.  Courts and equipment are the same including the balls.  Only the racquet is a little bigger. 

Hot Shots Orange Stage (8-10)

The more advanced techniques of each stroke are taught at this level.  Ball height, depth, speed and bounce are also more varied.  Allowing students to work on their positioning for incoming balls and to use the more advanced stroke techniques.  Singles and Doubles concepts are introduced.  Progressing to rallies on a full sized court with orange balls.  The orange balls are a little quicker than those used in the previous levels.  

Hot Shots Green Stage (9+)

At this level the emphasis is game tactics, positioning and movement.  Using higher compression green balls (faster than the previous level) on a full size court allows students to focus on their advanced stroke techniques, movement and positioning introduced in the previous level.  Different shot directions and spin types are introduced during this level.  Students now aim for extended rallies and point play. 

Match Play

Match Play, designed to give children aged 5 -11 the opportunity to transition from skill development to playing matches in a fun environment. Modified courts and equipment are used to suit your child’s age and skill level. Time friendly (30 minutes) with defined start and finish times. Short match format allowing the kids to play more matches. And an opportunity for kids to play both singles and doubles.